Preparing for you Eyelash Appointment







Arrive in a timely manner to ensure the most beautiful lashes possible.

Reduce Caffeine intake prior to appointment to keep eyes from fluttering.

Please arrive to your appointment with clean lashes. There will be an additional charge if makeup needs to be removed( most importantly your lashes may not stay on and it will take away from your application time.)

Be Kind. Please have cellphone on vibrate.We do understand there are emergencies.If the eyes open during the procedure you are at risk of a chemical burn or developing an allergy to adhesives.

Please be considerate of other clients if bringing your child to you lash appointment.

Please spray tan 24-48 hours prior or after your appointment.

Please remove contacts prior to appointment.

Please feel free to call or email us for any additional questions 619.607.3036

After Care Instructions

Allow 24 hours for lashes to fully bond to your natural lashes before getting them wet.

Avoid oily products on or near the lashes.

No waterproof eye makeup or pencil liners.Hard to remove & lashes will not last.

Sleep on your back.Sleeping on your sides or face will cause lashes to shed more on one side and can cause damage to natural lashes.

Clean lashes daily with Bausch & Laumb Saline solution or one of our reccomended cleansers.

Do not rub or touch lashes with your fingers.

Brush lashes daily.Extensions are flexible and will move around.

Lash fills reccomended every 2-4 weeks.  please book ahead as stylists are booked up to 2 weeks out.